Notice in temporary closure due to prevention of spread of COVID-19

Thank you for your support for hairmake & kimono rental first.

In the recent spread of the new coronavirus, we have taken into account the
safety of our customers and employees,

We have been temporarily closing from April 8 to May 31.

We are planning to resume business and accept reservations from June 1st, but we are considering to extend the schedule depending on the spread ofinfection.

If you have any inquiries during the holidays, please send your DM to our instagram


While we miss welcoming guests to our shops,
We will continue working hard to provide the best service, hair and makeup,
and dressing for our customers.

Salon & Beauty

Only one minute by walk from Kamakura station, we made ready for you three services “kimono rental”, “hair salon” and “photoshoot”.
All of our items are luxury brand kimonos, cute or stylish dresses and so on.
We also made available for you some of the best wedding kimonos, colorful or pure white.

Over and above that, you can enjoy our wedding photoshoot around the most Kamakura’s unique locations, as well as our kimono photoshoot plans which take place in various sceneries.
At the hair salon, our counseling service will help you to choose the style that suits you the best by using products that are based on the concept of “beautiful hair”.

Salon space
relaxing space

With its very clean white design and its larges windows providing warm light all day long, the shop’s interior is nothing but brightness and wellbeing.
While waiting, you may also appreciate our little green courtyard with its european style fountain.

Dressing space
get closer to kimono

Through many years of experience, our hairstyles and kimono dressing will remain perfect all day long.
Rather than choose from a catalog, all of our hairstyles are imagined and made to follow the customer’s desire.

Photo in Kamakura
Downtown Kamakura

The retro and romantic Enoden train, some of the most wonderful temples where you can enjoy every seasons, beautiful sea and traditional old town ...Welcome in Kamakura !
Let’s go around all these uniques locations and make some photoshoots and great memories with your loved ones that will last forever.

Shop Info

address. 〒248-0006 kamakura city, komachi 1-6-13, kotobuki house 1F
tel. 0467-61-0755
open from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm (return time until 6 pm)