Rental kimono

For a special occasion or to enjoy sightseeing,
we have a large selection in our shops from formal kimono to more casual kimono.
Available in any season for any situation,
we also offer a kids kimono rental service.

All of our kimonos are from the best quality brand.
In our shops, you can rent some high-quality kimonos at reasonable prices.

For every rental plan, we prepare all the accessories that are needed to wear the kimono,
so you don’t have to worry about anything and you can come with empty hands !

kimono rental First’s points

  • 01 手ぶらでOK

    All the necessary things to dress a kimono
    in one set !

  • 02 最高級のブランド着物のみをご提供

    A stock of the highest kimono quality !

  • 03 トップスタイリストによるヘアセット

    More than 100 styles available !

  • 04 人気の観光地へのアクセス楽々

    Excellent access to popular spots
    as the Great Buddha or
    the Tsurugaoka Hachimangu shrine
    and so on !

Rental plan

How to dress a kimono



You can make a reservation through our website of directly by phone. We can, of course, welcome you without reservation but you may have to wait until we take care of you depending on the reservation’s situation of the day. For that reason, we recommend you to make a reservation in advance.


The shop

Our shop is located on Komachi street at 5 minutes by walk from Kamakura station. You can check on Google map or directly call us if you don’t understand.


Wonderful kimono

We have ready for you all of the best quality brand kimonos. According to your kimono plan, you can choose yourself your favorite one !


Kimono dressing

With the technic of our professional kimono dresser, your kimono will remain perfect all day long.



Rather than choose from a catalog, all of our hairstyles are imagined and made to follow the customer’s desire. More than 100 styles available !


Let’s go around !

Enjoy sightseeing around the city in kimono style. We can keep your luggages (except valuables) at our shop. Please note that you have to return your kimono until 6pm.


Access to famous spots
The easy way

【Tsurugaoka hachimangu shrine】9 min. by walk
【Grave of Yoritomo】10 min. by walk
【Beach】15 min. by walk
【Houkokuji temple】12 min. by bus
【Koutokuin / Kamakura Great Buddha】10 min. by train
【Hase temple / Hasekannon】10 min. by train
【Enkakuji temple】10 min. by train
【Tenchouji temple】10 min. by train
【Kamakura museum of literature】10 min. by train

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